Building Owners Win with a Solite Solution…
Increased leasable space—Lower heating and cooling costs—Lower fire insurance premiums.

After 70-years of growth of the cement and concrete industries, the need today is to eliminate the less desirable characteristics of low water/cement ratio heavy weight concrete. Solite® Lightweight Aggregate Concrete can be substituted for common stone concrete in every application providing the benefits of increased strength and weight reduction for long free span designs or where poor soil conditions and seismic conditions prevail.

High Rise

Architects, engineers, and builders select and specify Solite® structural lightweight concrete for a wide-range of concrete applications: high rise building frames and elevated slabs, post tensioned floor systems, fire resistant floors, long span roof and bridge structures, bulb T and AASHTO girders, cast faux stone and thin shell construction including hyperbolic, parabolic roof structures, and to create special design effects in form and texture. Read More

Mid Rise

In 1976, Solite® light weight concrete was selected for the concrete flooring, and the long span, column-free walkways that allow for the viewing of the dramatic aircraft displays of the Air and Space Museum, in Washington, D.C. This building is the most visited museum in the nation. Pictured is the Charles Lindbergh, Ryan monoplane, Sprit of St. Louis, which in 1927, “Lucky Lindy” flew solo for 331/2 hours to complete the world’s first nonstop flight from Long Island, New York to Paris, France. Solite® concrete was also selected for enhancing the building’s fire rating and weight reduction. Read More


Hospitals built with Solite® concrete achieve enhanced fire ratings and larger column free bays.  Placed in a campus like setting, the attractive modern hospital provides every patient a room with large windows for an exterior view. Read More


Stadiums are the combination of design, engineering and construction that utilize nearly all of the  combinations and beneficial attributes of Solite® lightweight aggregates.   Read More


Solite® was specified for the original deck of the new Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Annapolis in 1952, and we are still driving on it! The use of our lightweight aggregate concrete saved the equivalent weight of a three-mile-long empty freight train sitting on the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge was recently re-decked with the Solite, a solution that will last into the next century. Read More

Internal Curing

Internal curing makes good concrete better and stronger because it cures from the inside-out.  It begins with Solite® rotary kiln expanded shale. In the end, the compressive and flexural strengths of the concrete are enhanced with reduced cement content and the Modulus of Elasticity is increased with less cement. Read More