Solar Stud™ Block

The Solar Stud BlockTM is an innovative modification of our Solar Block, a unique CMU passive solar building application, that incorporates a 16″ on center “stud” eliminating the need of “furring strips,” and allows for electric wiring runs. These CMU’s provide unique green, sustainable, energy efficient benefits to residential, institutional or commercial wall structures.

The Solar Stud BlockTM is manufactured using a proprietary Solite® lightweight mix design that can accept a wide range of fastenings including screws, nails and glue. The block is pre-insulated at the factory ready for installation.

For “Proof of Concept,” Northeast Solite Corporation donated Solar Stud TM Blocks to Habitat for Humanity to build homes in Schenectady, NY. The projected monthly cost to heat and cool a 1,200 sq. ft house is $35.00