Slope Stability

Solite® Geofill material has a high angle of repose that approaches 30 degrees.  Due to its light weight and angular shape it remains in place in a sloped environment.  It is superior to stone due to its light weight and superior to gravel due to its angularity.

The Charter Oak Bridge carries Routes 5 and 15 over the Connecticut River between Hartford and East Hartford.  The eastern side approach to the bridge complex was stabilized with over 100,000 tons of Solite® Geotechnical grade lightweight aggregates.

The 2018 project does not involve replacing the bridge itself, but rather will widen the approaches that lead to the bridge, where traffic frequently backs up. Solite® Geotechnical grade lightweight aggregates are specified for the widening project. Construction is expected to be completed in 2023.

The foundation under this 19th century Carousel was stabilized with Solite® concrete on top of Solite® Geofill.  The hand carved horses on the Carousel are one of a kind, wood carvings by the noted artisan George Carmel. Additionally, several of the boards on the boardwalk needed replacement due to the deterioration of their concrete foundations. Solite® concrete was chosen for its light weight, and its durability in a marine environment.