Our nation’s capital is an international center for public art. The National Park Service has used Northeast Solite products at many of Washington’s highly visible, most visited parks and monuments for more than 60 years. Everyone sees it, but few know what is directly under their feet.

This national garden was established in 1927, as a botanical research center by the Dept. of Agriculture for trees, flowering plants, shrubs, and turf. Solite soil mix is used throughout the gardens as an enhanced planting medium to provide consistent moisture, aeration, and reduction of compaction. The beautiful Corinthian Columns pictured are the original columns (1828) for the U.S. Capitol.  They supported the old east portico, and in 1958, they were relocated here, and replaced during the expansion of the Capitol.

Opened in 1997, the FDR Memorial is an open park setting along the Tidal Basin in the heart of Washington, D.C. All though picturesque, the poor, marshy soil needed remediation.  Solite® Geofill was specified to stabilized the soil base and provide load compensation for the heavy granite blocks. Additionally, Soilite® soil bends were used in the park’s many planters.

Located just to the southeast of the Lincoln Memorial, this structure pays poignant tribute to those who fought in this brutal conflict of the 1950s by incorporating a stainless steel squad of freestanding infantrymen on patrol, weighing 1,000 lbs. each. The Korean War ended in a stalemate, and the possibility of hostilities continue today. This memorial is unique in that the actual faces of those who served in the war  are laser etched on granite slabs surrounding it. An approximately two-foot depth of Solite® was used for load compensation for each of the granite infantrymen, and a Solite® soil blend was used for the plantings.