In the early 1980s, the Port of Albany expanded by dredging a deeper channel to allow for larger ships. To accommodate this, the pier needed to be significantly expanded and renovated. H sheet piling was driven into the Hudson River bed and backfill was chosen to reduce the lateral forces on the piling and the sides of the deadman holdbacks.

Solite® geofil was chosen for its lightweight, free draining, and inert properties.

After placement and compaction, a concrete and asphalt surface was added to handle extensive truck traffic. Over 30 years later, this renovation remains in excellent condition.

The old, dilapidated, and abandoned Piers along the Westside of the the Hudson River, underwent an extensive renovation to create several parks. Solite® geofill products were used as the base for drainage and load compensation. Solite® reduced the weight by 50% which avoided any need for extensive and costly renovation of the pilings under the piers.

Solite® engineered soil was the planting medium used to enhance the growing medium and also maintain weight reduction.

When engineers for the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel needed a special lightweight aggregate for the geotech purpose of forming islands around the tunnel portals, Solite® answered the need without displacing the mud bottom and saved the nearby oyster beds for the Virginia watermen.