Kosciusko Bridge

The Meeker Avenue Bridge, originally a steel truss swing bridge, was built on this site in 1939, to connect Meeker Avenue in Brooklyn to Laurel Hills Boulevard in Queens over Dorsey Creek in NY City.

In 1940, the bridge was renamed the Kosciusko Bridge, in honor of the Polish military leader Tadeusz Kosciusko, who fought alongside the Americans in the Revolutionary War.

Known as “Washington’s Engineer”, Kosciusko was credited with designing and building several strategic fortifications during the war, the most important of these was West Point, home of the United States Military Academy.

The original bridge was demolished in October of 2017, after the first of two new cable-stay bridges was built adjacent to the site. The “new” Kosciusko Bridge often referred to as the “K” bridge by locals will consist of two separate twin structures carrying traffic northbound and southbound on adjacent, “twin” structures.

Solite® was chosen to solve a critical soil bearing problem on the southbound bridge’s abutment in Brooklyn.

Using Solite® Geofill material behind the precast concrete walls of the abutment, a 50% reduction in surcharge load on the supporting soil, which had historically been marshland, was achieved.