Internal Curing – Light Weight Aggregate

It begins with Solite® rotary kiln expanded shale. In the end, the compressive and flexural strengths of the concrete are enhanced with reduced cement content, and the Modulus of Elasticity is increased with less cement. Internal curing makes good concrete better and stronger because it cures from the inside-out. When Solite® structural concrete is used, the entire building project cost is lowered. Labor cost is lower, the cost of cement (the most expensive ingredient of concrete) is lower, and other material costs for fire code compliance ratings are eliminated.

Find out why Solite® is specified for the tallest buildings and the longest bridges. Read more

“During the renovation of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, high performance concrete (HPC) incorporating HydroCure to reduce cracking  was selected for this beautiful structure.”

The Cornwall Bridge Crossing the St. Lawrence Seaway and Canal links Ontario, Canada, and the USA. This bridge was the first bridge in Canada to use HydroCure® in order to enhance the high-performance concrete and to achieve a design life of 100 years.

By using HydroCure® to internally cure the concrete, the strength of the concrete was improved, and a significant reduction in shrinkage-cracking throughout the deck was achieved. This combination will prevent salt intrusion therefore enhancing the sustainability for this bridge. Read More.