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What, When, Where, Why and How?

Traditionally, we have been curing concrete with water from the outside in; internal curing (IC) is for curing from the inside out.  With the emphasis on durability, and with the trend to high performance concrete (HPC), internal curing is needed to reduce autogenous shrinkage and cracking.

Particularly in high performance concrete, it is not easily possible to provide curing water from the top surface at the rate that is required to satisfy the ongoing chemical shrinkage.  The reason is the capillary passageways become clogged with the products of cement hydration.

Replacing some of the natural sand with an absorptive lightweight aggregate sand (Hydrocure®) provides water, which hydrates the cement not otherwise hydrated by the mixing water, in low water/cement (w/c) ratio mixtures. Much of the water is desorbed into the concrete at the time it needs it most (the first 24 to 72 hr), and consequently the early age strength is increased. It also keeps the internal relative humidity high, which reduces self-desiccation. It even improves permeability and durability.

Early age strength gain is needed to be able to withstand early age internal and external strains. This will vastly reduce shrinkage and micro-cracking. Lightweight aggregate sand (LWAS) provides the means to supply water for hydration when needed, where needed and in amounts needed.

Once incorporated in the concrete, Hydrocure® acts immediately. It continues to supply water to the cement needing it, where ever the cement is located in the concrete, and for as long as the cement is not hydrated. Hydrocure® eliminates self-desiccation, the scourge of concrete's deterioration. It also reduces warping, the scourge of concrete pavements.

Hydrocure®'s rheology, particle shape, particle size, absorption characteristic, and water release make it almost trouble free. It is simple to:

  • use
  • store
  • batch
  • mix
  • place
  • and sprinkle with water

It is economical worldwide, shipment being made by truck, rail, barge, ship, super sack, or container. Hydrocure® is produced at two locations situated so they can promptly serve the worldwide needs by barge and ocean going ships from Saugerties, NY on the Hudson River and Brooks, KY near the Ohio River. Interstate highway interchanges and CSX mainlines are easily accessable at both operations located in Saugerties and Brooks.

Where can it be used? Hydrocure® can be used in virtually all concrete mixtures. If you have experienced problems with cracking and have a project in development, contact us for information that may benefit you and your project.