HydroCure® Strengthens High Performance Concrete

High performance concrete (HPC), primarily used in tunnels, bridges, and tall buildings for its strength, durability, and high modulus of elasticity, can only be properly optimized with internal curing concrete. Northeast Solite leads the industry in this application with Hydrocure®, our absorptive Light Weight Aggregate Sand.

In the 21st century, the best concrete is internally cured.

Hydrocure® replaces portions of both the common sand and cement in the concrete. Once incorporated in the concrete, Hydrocure® acts immediately, continuously supplying water to the cement, as needed, whereever the cement is located in the concrete and for as long as the cement is not hydrated.

Hydrocure®‘s rheology, particle shape, particle size, absorption characteristic, and water release make it almost trouble free. It is simple to use • store • batch • mix • place, and sprinkle with water.

Where can it be used?

Hydrocure® can be used in virtually all concrete mixtures. If you have experienced problems with cracking and have a project in development, contact us for information that may benefit you and your project. Hydrocure® eliminates self-desiccation, the scourge of concrete’s deterioration. It also reduces warping, the scourge of concrete pavements.

Produced at Saugerties, NY, Hydrocure® is economical worldwide with shipment being made by truck, rail, super sack, and container or by barge and ocean-going ships from the Hudson River.