High Rise

Architects, engineers, and builders select and specify Solite® structural lightweight concrete for a wide range of concrete applications: high rise building frames and elevated slabs, post-tensioned floor systems, fire resistant floors, long span roof and bridge structures, bulb T and AASHTO girders, cast faux stone, and thin shell construction including hyperbolic, parabolic roof structures, and to create special design effects in form and texture.

The new 60-story Comcast Technology Center will be the tallest building in Pennsylvania at 1,121 feet.  A high strength concrete core with steel construction radiating outward, the building incorporates over 40,000 cubic yards of Solite® high strength concrete on steel decking to reduce dead load, increase bay size, and provide enhanced fire ratings.

The 2Hopkins or “Mercantile Building” in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, is an excellent example of Solite® concrete’s ability to provide a highly durable yet attractive exterior to a high-rise building. Using buff colored cement and exposed Solite® aggregate in the precast panels, this attractive 21-story structure, completed in 1969, has withstood the test of time in a busy urban environment.

This beautiful 44-floor glass and steel building was completed in early 2014. The floors incorporated over 10,000 cubic yards of Solite® structural concrete to reduce dead loading and to achieve the appropriate 2-hour fire rating. The lightweight concrete was pumped throughout the building. The elevator shafts incorporated lightweight aggregate CMUs as did the fire escape/stairwells.

Construction of the tallest structure in Atlantic City began in January 2008. This distinctive steel and glass hotel/casino incorporated Solite® concrete throughout the mezzanine level and gaming halls to reduce weight, enhance fire rating, and improve acoustic performance. This was the last major casino constructed in Atlantic City, which is located on the northern most end of the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Completed in 2004, this 42-story building overlooks NYC and the harbor from across the Hudson River.  It was the centerpiece of the revitalization of downtown Jersey City and the first high rise building completed in the NYC metro area after 9/11/2001.  Solite® was used throughout this steel and glass structure to provide enhanced fire rating, weight reduction, and provide longer span bays for the building’s interior.