Green Roofs

Solite® provides an excellent environment for healthy root structure and it is specifically well suited for Green Roofs, due to its ability to retain as much as 15% of its weight in absorbed water and water-borne nutrients. Once absorbed in the aggregate, water and nutrients are steadily released as the soil dries. This creates a buffer to help protect plant life from high concentrations of chemicals and persistent drought. These characteristics also help prevent soil cracking and crustingYou get more product per ton.

St. Elizabeth’s, located in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D.C., was founded in 1855, as the nation’s first federally operated mental hospital. In 2004, the General Services Administration acquired the site, and designated it as the new home for The Department of Homeland Security. Solite® was used extensively throughout the project for its Green Roofs and several other innovative energy saving concepts, earning this campus a Gold LEED rating.

When Green Roofs were new, the architect for National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., needed an aggregate lighter than ASTM C330 standards for the concrete, Northeast Solite was the only company to supply it. Today our geotechnical lightweight aggregate fill and engineered soils are the standard of green roofs in America.

Swathmore College located near Philadelphia, was one of the earliest projects in the U.S. to add a Green Roof on a college dormitory.  It enhanced insulation of the roof, mitigated water runoff, and improved visual appearance when viewed from adjacent buildings.