Cost Savings

Solite® Provides Dividends From the Ground Up!

All across the eastern United States, you’ll find major buildings giving their owners all of the advantages of Northeast Solite Lightweight aggregate.

Cost Savings: Over the life of a building, Solite® superior properties deliver economy during construction, energy consumption, and lower maintenance and insurance costs.

Structural Strength: Solite® is lighter and stronger—Less dead weight reduces the size of foundations and reinforcing steel needed, and allows smaller columns for more rentable floor space. Yet Solite® structural concrete exceeds standard strength requirements.

Naturally Insulative: Fired under intense heat, the raw materials with Solite® aggregate expand trapping thousands of air cells to block heat flow.

Fire Resistant: Because it is non-combustible and thermally stable, Solite® can be specified to meet firewall codes.

Durable: Buildings and bridges resisting the destructive forces of weather for over 70 years are the best proof of Solite® concrete’s performance. Outstanding among many examples are the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the roof decks over the Senate and House wings on our nation’s Capitol.

Northeast Solite’s versatility in cost-efficient lightweight building materials is documented over a broad range of applications from precast panels to high strength masonry structures. Contact us for technical data and assistance when you’re planning to build.