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High Performance Concrete Masonry Units (HPCMU) made with Solite® and Kenlite® are up to 40% lighter than traditional masonry units. 

This lighter weight results in:

  • mason productivity
  • lower construction costs
  • reduced injuries

High Performance Concrete Masonry Units

Lightweight HPCMUs provide superior strength and insulation by combining high R-values with thermal mass and low thermal bridging.  In addition, they offer superior fire resistance, enhanced sound absorption, excellent seismic performance, low shrinkage and high strain capacity.

Properties of Lightweight Concrete Masonry Walls

  • Strength & rigidity
  • Fire resistance & stability
  • Thermal resistance
  • Economy & durability
  • Architectural freedom

Solite® and Kenlite® lightweight aggregate concrete masonry after a fire


  • Use Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) to provide space separation for sound, privacy and fire requirements in offices, libraries and museums.
  • Use (CMUs) made with Solite® and Kenlite® expanded shale for structural walls.
  • Use lightweight CMUs in schools, hospitals and senior living communities for safety and energy conservation!