We would like to thank Northeast Solite Corporation for their commitment to our team. Their donation of Solite® aggregate was instrumental in our first year success back on Villanova’s campus.

A few final notes about the test canoe we made this year:

– 20 feet long, 28in wide, 14in tall

– One uniform mix (measured weight of 67pcf)

-ASTM C330 was entirely Solite Aggregate

– Only reinforcement was micro/macro fibers

– 4 admixtures used (Chemstrong A & SP, Air-right, and Polystrong HP)

During finals week of 2017, the team tested our full length canoe, and it was a huge success! Buoyancy was no issue, and we had the necessary strength.

Our Concrete Canoe team is very proud of our work and progress this year as a new team. We cannot thank Northeast Solite Corporation enough for all of their support and generosity this year.

We look forward to further perfecting our canoe mix in the fall and incorporating the aesthetics piece into our canoe.

Villanova University

Concrete Crew Team

See more photos with this Villanova project Link:

Northeast Solite Corporation donated Solar Stud TM Blocks to Habitat for Humanity to build homes in Schenectady, NY. The projected monthly cost to heat and cool a 1,200 sq. ft house is $35.00