Building sustainable structures and bridges are of local and national importance. Our products have proven over time to make bridge decks stronger, lighter, and longer lasting than conventional concrete material formulas and for the same initial material cost.


 In 1952, Solite® was specified for the original deck of the new Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Annapolis, and in 2017, we are still driving on it! The use of our Solite® concrete saved the equivalent weight of a three-mile-long empty freight train sitting on the bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge was recently re-decked with the Solite® concrete, specified to reduce weight, increase strength, and add sustainability—a solution that will last decades.

The I-95 bridge across Maryland’s Susquehanna River is an engineering success story. Using Solite® for the new bridge deck, the bridge was widened to three lanes and the total weight of the bridge remained the same. The weight reduction of Solite® meant that the new bridge deck could be supported by cantilevers from the original structural steel.

The Walt Whitman Bridge crosses the Delaware River connecting Philadelphia, PA, to Gloucester City, NJ. The High-Level Suspension Bridge was renovated using Solite® High Performance concrete to re-deck the surface. To minimize disruption of traffic flow, re-decking was done lane by lane for the length of the bridge. After completion, an asphalt wear surface was placed on top of the Solite® concrete.