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Why use Solite® or Kenlite® Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Products?

In a word - SAVINGS!


Savings in:

  • weight
  • money
  • time
  • energy
  • maintenance
  • transportation costs

...the list is endless.

The lightweight aggregate particle itself is a hard, extremely cellular product of uniform high structural strength, each cell being completely surrounded by a hard, vitreous, waterproof membrane.  Concrete made from either Solite® or Kenlite® is generally 20 to 30 percent lighter than conventional concrete, yet just as strong and more durable.


Solite® and Kenlite® expanded shale lightweight aggregate is significantly lighter than conventional materials.


Dulles Airport Terminal Roof

Who uses Lightweight Aggregate Concrete?

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Owners
  • Designers
  • Builders

-- use structural lightweight concrete.




Solite® and Kenlite® open up a broad range of applications:

  • tall building frames
  • long span roof
  • thin shell construction
  • sculpture
  • fire resistant floors
  • long span bridge structures
  • hyperbolic parabolic roof structure
  • special design effects in form and texture

Structural lightweight concrete is found in projects such as the graceful inverted arc of the Dulles Airport Terminal roof; the thin shell "bird in flight" roof of the TWA Terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport; the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge.




High Performance Concrete Masonry Units

High Performance Concrete Masonry Units (HPCMU) made with Solite® and Kenlite® are up to 40% lighter than traditional masonry units.

This lighter weight results in:

  • mason productivity
  • lower construction costs
  • reduced injuries

Lightweight HPCMU's provide superior strength and insulation by combining high R-values with thermal mass and low thermal bridging.  In addition, they offer superior fire resistance, enhanced sound absorption, excellent seismic performance, low shrinkage and high strain capacity.




Low bulk density of Solite® and Kenlite® make it the geotechnical professional's first choice for solutions to geotechnical problems. 

Applications of the solutions provided include:

Bridge Abutment Fill
  • load compensation
  • sinking slab rehabilitation
  • bridge abutment fill
  • marine bulkhead fill
  • slope stability
  • buried pipe fill
  • MSE wall backfill
  • tunnel bedding
  • underground stormwater management exfiltration vault

--among many other uses.



Enhances Concrete Durability

HydroCure® enhances concrete durability by "internal curing". In high performance concrete, internal curing greatly reduces autogenous shrinkage, cracking and increases early age strength.  Autogenous shrinkage and cracking are frequent problems with high performance concrete since these concretes have low water/cement ratios (w/c).  Internal curing greatly reduce these problems.  Replacing some of the natural sand with an absorptive lightweight aggregate sand provides water which hydrates the cement not otherwise hydrated in low water/cement ratio mixtures.




Solite® and Kenlite® expanded shale are finding a new and valuable role in today's landscape, horticulture and Green Roof markets.  Produced by firing a specially selected shale in rotary kilns at temperatures in excess of 2100ºF, this fully calcined, ceramic material offers superior solutions for these applications.

Landscape, Horticulture
Green Roof