Who We Are

As the recognized world leader in lightweight aggregates, process engineering, service, innovation, and construction applications for internal curing concrete and horticultural applications, our unique expanded shale products have been continually produced since 1947. The combination of our quality, service, and innovation makes the Northeast Solite brands synonymous with lightweight aggregate solutions for over 70 years.

What We Do

We take the weight out of rock. Our exclusive lightweight aggregate concrete is now found in the tallest buildings, longest bridge decks, and infrastructure. We select raw materials that possess the unique physical characteristics required to produce our high performance, rotary kiln expanded shale aggregates.  In our manufacturing process, kiln temperatures of 2100°F are carefully maintained and monitored.  The extreme heat allows the unique shale raw material to expand and bloat creating a new ceramic product that is stronger than common shale and 30% lighter by volume. Our lightweight aggregate is then cooled and sized to ASTM (C330 and C331) and other customer specification.

Our Solite® products combine structural efficiency, high strength, durability, predictability, low permeability, fire resistance, and energy savings. Our materials are readily available for transport by utilizing any of the superior logistical capabilities available at our production facility.  Served by direct Class 1 railroads with all carrier connections, overland truck, Intracoastal Waterway barge, and by ocean transport, Solite®  products are easily distributed and available for your next project.