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Our products are conceived and engineered with our customers’ and construction users’ needs uppermost in our minds. As the industry leader, our innovations have become the gold standard in lightweight aggregate.

Just as we stay abreast of evolving trends and their resulting needs, we anticipate our customers’ concerns and desires through the relationships we build with them, as well as through participation in industry associations, such as ASTM and ACI. Through our longstanding knowledge of the industry, we are able to develop products that are tailored to fulfill our users’ needs down to the smallest detail.

When block needed a fire rating, we arranged for tests with Underwriters Laboratories to test our masonry units. We achieved four-hour fire ratings, compared to two for heavyweight block.

National Geographic’s Headquarters

When the architect for National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., needed an aggregate lighter than ASTM C330 standards for the concrete, we were the only company to supply it.
When the New York Central Railroad tracks at West Point, N.Y., began sliding into Hudson River, Solite® replaced the existing fill to provide a stable foundation.
When engineers for the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel needed a special lightweight aggregate for the geotech purpose of forming islands around the tunnel portals. Solite® answered the need without displacing the mud bottom, which would have destroyed the nearby oyster beds relied upon by Virginia watermen.

Hampton Roads

When alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) was identified as a major problem, our tests showed not only that Solite® had none; it also showed that Solite® and Kenlite® could be incorporated into troublesome normal weight concretes to ameliorate the ASR problem.
When high performance concrete increased the autogenous shrinkage of normal weight concretes, we developed Hydrocure® to reduce microcracks, autogenous shrinkage, and cracking.

Churchill Downs

When our customers needed a permanent landscape groundcover that didn’t need replacing, we developed Kenlite® groundcover for horticultural and decorative uses. It is produced at our Brooks, Ky., plant near Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.
When manufacturers of fire brick for backyard grills and gas logs wanted an aggregate to withstand high temperatures without fracturing, we supplied Kenlite®.
When precast concrete producers needed to save weight and therefore save money for shipping their products long distances, they turned to Solite® and Kenlite® to solve the problem.
As construction users turn to LEED for guidance as to what constitutes a Green building, and they want additional credit to that already earned through the use of Solite® and Kenlite®, they can gain it thorugh Greenlite™. This newly trademarked lightweight aggregate includes recycled materials made from the same raw materials, but it also incorporates some of the sizes and processes not previously used. It has an improved LEED classification.