Northeast Solite Corporation

Northeast Solite is a world leader in process innovation, construction application, and design of lightweight aggregate concrete for use in bridges, buildings, roads, and geotech applications for over 70 years.

You Can Design and Create More with Solite®

Great design, great structure, great ecology, great economy and great engineering are interwoven with the Northeast Solite family of products.

Building Higher

The new 60-story Comcast Technology Center will be the tallest building in Pennsylvania at 1,121 feet.  A high strength concrete core with steel construction radiating outward, the building incorporates over 40,000 cubic yards of Solite® high strength concrete on steel decking to reduce dead load, increase bay size, and provide enhanced fire ratings.

Iconic Structures

In the mid-1960s Solite® concrete was selected by Architect Wallace Harrison for the Metropolitan Opera House (The Met) and by Eero Saarinen for the Vivian Beaumont Theater in order to achieve weight savings, durability, fire and acoustic performance. The front arches of “The Met” are particularly beautiful examples of thin but elegant cast in place Solite® concrete.

Imagine what you can build

Solite® makes good concrete better because it cures from the inside-out. Many of the most remarkable and recognizable forms in modern architectural design were cast with Solite® internal curing lightweight aggregate.

Northeast Solite has evolved to world leadership in process innovation, construction application, and design of lightweight aggregate concrete.

Bridges of Tomorrow

The Brooklyn Bridge was recently re-decked with Solite®—a solution that will last through the century.

Solite® has been the time-tested premiere choice of aggregates since it was specified for the original deck of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at Annapolis, Maryland, in 1952, and we are still driving on it!

Stable Soils

Our nation’s capital is an international center for public art. But the soil in the District of Columbia is weak by the nature of the swampy location. Solite® expanded shale aggregates are the natural solutions for stabilizing soils.

The National Park Service has used Northeast Solite products at many of Washington’s highly visible, most visited parks and monuments for more than 60 years. Everyone sees it, but few know what is directly under their feet.

Rooftop Gardens & Green Roofs

Parking structures, urban rooftops, water tanks, and even marshland areas can be converted to lush, beautiful gardens and recreation areas.

With Solite® Geotechnical products, architects and engineers can design and construct elevated parks, landscapes, and rooftop gardens without excessive structural cost.

When building in urban areas, storm water runoff is a costly concern. Long-term savings can be achieved with the addition of Rooftop Gardens and Green Roofs, effectively reducing the municipal rain taxes in cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.